Next Generation NCLEX

  • A new and improved NCLEX exam is coming.  The Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) exam asks better questions to help nurses think critically when providing care and make the right decisions.

  • NGN is about protecting the public and achieving the best outcomes for clients, nurses, and institutions.

NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model 

The model was developed by NCSBN researchers as a framework for the valid measurement of clinical judgment and decision-making within the context of a standardized, high-stakes examination.  The researchers drew upon the prevailing literature and conducted multiple investigations with over 100 nursing experts and more than 20,000 NCLEX candidates.  The model consists of 4 layers - from broad to the most specific contextual layer.  Layer three outlines the cognitive aspects of clinical decision-making that are measurable and the basis for the development of the Next Generation NCLEX test items and case studies.   







The earliest the new format will go into effect is 2023.  NCSBN is still in the research and development phase so implementation of the clinical judgment items will be dependent on NSCBN's research findings. 

Educators can begin incorporating the clinical judgment measurement model into their curriculum immediately. The model can be used in a variety of nursing education settings, such as simulation labs, clinical rotation post-conference, and standard written exams. The action model template provided in the  Spring 2019 Next Generation NCLEX newsletter can be a useful tool to start developing clinical judgment assessments for students.

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